About Us

The Federation of North American Explorers (FNE) is a volunteer Catholic faith-based youth movement that teaches responsibility, promise, commitment, leadership, service, and loyalty. We explore nature, the outdoors, service to others, leadership, and the Catholic faith.

The group in Canada started in 1999, when a group of interested adults, youth and their families elected to seek out a youth program that would support a number of ideals including:

  • Singular gender program both at the youth and adult level
  • Service to others· Embracing and living the Catholic Christian faith
  • Better understanding and appreciating nature and the outdoors
  • Physically active and challenging to both youth and adults
  • A proven and sustainable program that will maintain its values and ideals even when society may be heading off in a different direction
  • Fun, adventure and excitement all in a positive and constructive manner
  • Ceremonies that have purpose, meaning and dignity
  • A uniquely uniformed movement, to be visually all members of the same family
  • Seeing each other as brothers and sisters
  • A Christ-centered set of ideals and values with Love for God, one another and mankind
  • Program activities that will help shape the young person into a responsible, loving, caring, and successful human being and member of our community

This movement, just like our group and our Canadian and American based home movement, is in no way affiliated with, nor members of other youth organizations such as Scouts Canada, the WOSM, Girl Guides of Canada, Boy Scouts of America, Trail Life, Troops of St. George or the Girl Scouts of America.

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